Saturday, May 8, 2010


Yesterday night was superb!! After a long Friday at the office, Thomad and I met up with two friends and headed out on a road trip to Globen (concert arena). We thought we would take a chance and see if we could get some last minute tickets for the Lady Gaga concert. Luckily we managed to get some of the best tickets on the A-bleachers! I was so exited and the concert was so much more than I had expected. Gaga is not only an amazing dancer and daring enough to wear crazy outfits, but she is also a great singer and musician. She played live piano and the was no playback as far as you could see. She had some charming and funny talks to the audience between the songs and the whole Globen was rocki'n!! I went totally out of it when I saw her Alexander McQueen shoes... I night to remember! Below you can see some beautiful pictures of her from ELLE...

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